Candle Making & Soap Making Classes – Kangarilla, South Australia.

About Mel Cant, Trainer & Artisan Candle/Soap Maker 


DSC_0222Mel Cant discovered candle making in 2006. ”Working in a demanding corporate human resources role, making candles was the perfect creative outlet for me,” said Mel.

After 5 years of enthusiastic candle making, 3 of those years trading as “Mel’s House of Wax”, a boutique online candle business, Mel walked away from her corporate role to manage the business full-time. The business thrived and quickly outgrew its home-based location.

In 2014 husband David joined the business full time and the search began to find a suitable retail space. The perfect location was found in trendy King William Road, Hyde Park.  Chandelle Galerie attracted clients from far and wide and the shop quickly established a loyal customer following. The Candle School trained over 500+ students with many students using their training with Mel to launch their own small businesses.

Unfortunately, after 3 years of trading, Mel & David made the difficult decision to close the shop in January 2017, citing a decline in health and escalating lease, production and imports costs, as the reasons for the decision.

The Candle School took a short hiatus while Mel & David created a modern, welcoming candle training facility on their 20-acre property in picturesque Kangarilla, South Australia. It reopened in April 2017 and has proven to be a popular destination!

Mel’s Learning

Learning the art of basic candle making can be done through a book or by watching any number of internet video’s, but learning the correct techniques to make consistently good candles can be quite another thing.

When Mel wanted to learn, candle making was a closely guarded secret and no one was willing to share formula or technique so she downloaded a tutorial off the Internet and purchased a starter kit.

“I had no idea what I was doing”, “I’m a practical learner so sometimes it took weeks of experimentation for me to perfect a technique. It would have so much easier if someone had shown me what to do”.

Mel cites experiential learning and the regular upgrading of her skills and knowledge as being critical for her success. In 2012 she learned how to professionally blend and replicate aromas, and in 2013 Mel traveled to the charming Provencal 15th century village of Biot in Southern France, to train privately with Europe’s leading Candle Designer, owner of the famous Candle Academy. ”My personal style has evolved over time. The techniques are shown to me in France hugely influenced my work and the direction I was taking”. Within 12 months Mel again approached the Candle Academy, this time to undertake further study in advanced candle design & manufacturing (via online learning).

Making chemically free candles

image3-150x150If you love candles, you’ll already know they can aid relaxation, relieve stress, enhance communication, encourage healing, and create mood – there is something wonderfully mesmerizing about watching the flame flicker on a beautiful looking candle as you inhale its aroma.  Unfortunately, many cheaply imported candles are filled with chemicals and buyers have no idea whether they are ethically made. When you make your own candles you can control this – you can make candles safely and naturally in the colours and aromas you like knowing they are free from harmful toxins.

Our School

Chandelle Candle School Classroom

Mel never forgot the difficulty she had learning how to make candles, and she wants others to share her passion for candles, but not to have to go through all the complications and technical difficulties she encountered. Under Mel’s instruction, her students learn everything from scratch and take home the candles they make on the day, plus comprehensive technical notes and formulas. Mel offers 2 weeks of aftercare support to meet the challenges back home and access to Chandelle Galerie’s “Let’s Talk Candles” FB networking group (established exclusively for fee-paying students)

The class fee also includes a gourmet lunch and glass of bubbles while you sit back and admire the stunning view of the Kangarilla Valley and liquid refreshments (tea/coffee, herbal teas, soft drink, cordial, and bottled water) throughout the day.

Candle Making Kits are available for purchase on the day of class along with other small candle making items.

School Classes for 2018 are:

Basic Containers – soy melts, tea lights, a cupcake candle, wood wick candle and massage candle. Advanced Containers – covers multi wicking, multi-layering, fragrance viscosity/flashpoint/notes and signature scents. Pillar Candles – hot to cold pour methods to achieve, rustic, mottled, chunk, embed, layered or ice candle finishes. Private Tuition – exclusive training with Mel tailored to meet your specific learning requirements. Technical Advice – phone consultation.

Working with Mel, you’ll discover the secrets needed to make your own great candles!

Mel regularly provides training to candle enthusiasts from intrastate, interstate and overseas. If you are traveling to attend a class please contact Mel or David for assistance with nearby accommodation.

Today Chandelle Galerie’s Candle School offers a range of courses, private tuition and telephone consultancy to candle enthusiasts. Gift Certificates, valid for 6 months are also available on request. If you are interested in attending a class, please book early to avoid disappointment. Please note, the BASIC candle making class tends to book out well in advance.

Claim to Fame!  In December 2017 Mel featured on the popular ABC’s Radio segment “Life Swap” with presenter Ali Clark”.  Mel and the Chandelle Galerie Candle School have been featured numerous times in blogs/media across Australia.  Below is one such article, titled “the butcher, the baker & the candlestick maker” by SA Life magazine.


For more information about Chandelle’s Candle School, or to book a Candle Workshop, CLICK HERE or email or call 0417 895 763.


In 2018 Mel added Melt & Pour Beginner Soap Making Classes to her program of courses. 

The class is suitable for anyone who has no experience in soap making, or has limited experience and is wanting ideas to create different effects with ingredients, techniques, and colours!

Mel cites “Soap has become such an essential part of our lives that we seldom stop to think about what lies behind its usage. From the sensual and soothing effects of a long hot bath to the application of detergents in preventing the spread of diseases in hospitals, soap has become an essential part of humankind’s journey into modernity”.

MP soap making is the process of melting a pre-existing soap base, then personalizing it by adding bright colors, delicious themes, scent, mica’s, glitters, abrasive’s, embeds and creative layers, then pouring it into decorative molds. Once hardened, the result is a soap that can be used straight away.

Create innovative and stylish soaps which don’t require you to work with harsh chemicals such as lye | Get inspired, dazzle your bathroom and your friends! Learn how to add correctly add color, scent, nourishing & hydrating oils and lots more | It’s a “kid friendly” process | It requires no curing time | And finally, make something that looks beautiful and is totally useful at the same time!

We make it easy to learn soap making by taking you through the process step by step. If you have done any of our candle classes, then you know that it will be worth attending.

Want to know more: click on the link HERE